Summer Trend - Ice Cream Pastel Hues

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

This summer its all about the pastel hues. Pastel and rainbow hues for a summer collection/trend is not groundbreaking but is totally adorable. Louis Vuitton released their Summer 2020 Escale collection. The collection features pastel rainbow and pastel coloured bags. This is not the only fashion house to feature pastel coloured bags in their Summer 2020 collection, Chanel, Gucci and Dior have all released pastel and rainbow bags in their current summer collections. We have put together a selection of our favourite must have pastel and rainbow bags for this summer. We have combined vintage classics and new season for our ultimate summer bag list!

It's impossible to resist these totally unicorn-like girly hues!

The Chanel Cruise 2020 collection features some of the adorable bags we have ever seen. This Chanel PVC pastel rainbow dream is too cute and a total sell out. This Vanity bag was sold out after the Chanel release and has been seen on the arms of some of the most fashionable stars.

This Iconic Cherry Blossom Pochette is so iconic and so on trend. The Louis Vuitton Markami limited edition Cheery Blossom pochette was release in 2002 and was discontinued soon after making it exceptionally rare and unique. This has now become one of the most sort after collections Louis Viutton ever released.

We adore the most recent Louis Vuitton Summer 2020 collection. This Mini Pochette is one of our favourite pieces in the collection. This was sold out straight away, no wander they are reselling for much higher than the store price. This really is super adorable!

Gucci has released a revam of the iconic Marmont bag in pastel rainbow. This bag was first released in 2016 and soon became one of the most wanted bags to have, many celebs and fashionistas were spotted wearing the Gucci Marmont. This Bag is sure to be a celeb favourite and a Gucci sell out!

This Vintage Pastel Pink bag is totally cute and on trend. We love this Chanel Mini Flap with matte gold hardware would be the perfect bag to invest in this summer.

This Chanel Perspex Bag from the 2018 Chanel Cruise Collection is adorable. This makes the perfect arm candy fore the summer months.

Chanel 2018 Pre - Spring collection featured the most beautiful pastel rainbow Boy bags which were embellished with a baby pink clasp. This is our ultimate unicorn pastel dream bag! So sweet it gave us a tooth ache!