What is sustainability and why is it important? #Sustainablefashion

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The term ‘Sustainability’ means a system that is designed to exist in a long-term ecological balanced state. If this concept is applied to the fashion industry to create ‘Sustainable Fashion’ this would create less waste, less pollution and increase the life-cycle of fashion products. We want to look after our planet and its future.

Sustainable fashion is not a mere product, but it is a philosophy. The future of fashion depends on the industry’s ability to embrace the concept of ‘Sustainability’.

La Société believes in the importance of sustainability. The fashion industry is among the leading industries that affect the environment negatively. Today’s excessive consumption of ‘Fast Fashion’ means fashion items are being discarded after being worn just a few times. In fact, thanks to such damaging trends, fashion has been now named as one of the worlds worst polluting sectors. We need to make a change and work together to create sustainability in the fashion industry. Our concept is to reduce waste and recycle unwanted luxury products in your wardrobe, by giving them a new loving home.